Waivers and Liability

UNC Charlotte students engaged in community-based, in-person learning activities will not be required by UNC Charlotte to sign a waiver of liability for their placement or before returning to campus for Fall 2020.  However, Program-specific sites may require students to sign location-specific liability waivers and forms.  Students are encouraged to fully read and understand any legal document they are asked to sign before they sign them.  If a student is not comfortable with signing a liability waiver or other legal document, they should be encouraged to seek an alternative placement for their activities, if available.

It is worth noting that most in-person activities carry COVID-related risks, and we encourage faculty, staff, students, and community partners to understand and mitigate those risks by following CDC guidelines and otherwise engaging in appropriate health habits.  Learn more about how to keep yourself and the UNC Charlotte community safe at the Niner Nation Cares site.

If you are a Program Director hosting an on-campus learning experience and believe your Program warrants additional safeguards to mitigate on-campus risks, please contact the Office of Legal Affairs or the Office of Risk Management and Insurance to discuss options for waivers, assumptions-of-risk forms, insurance, reviewing Program rules and regulations, or other techniques you can use to ensure you are operating a safe Program.