FAQs for UNC Charlotte Community-Based Learning

Is the University requiring the student intern to be tested for COVID-19 before or upon their arrival at the University and/or field assignment?
No, not at this time, but the community partner may require such testing.

If a UNC Charlotte student becomes positive for COVID-19, will the community partner be notified of this status by UNC Charlotte or by the student?
UNC Charlotte encourages students to notify community placements of a positive COVID-19 test result, but the University does not require them to report this information. Students are required to follow the policies and procedures of the community partner; if the community partner requires a student to report a positive COVID-19 test or known possible exposure to COVID-19, the student is required to follow that policy.

If a student becomes exposed to COVID-19 while working at their experiential education site, what should they do?
If a student believes they have been exposed to COVID-19, they are encouraged to notify the experiential education site and they should notify the university through the University’s COVID-19 reporting form.  If they are not residential students, they should avoid campus, and contact the Student Health Center or their primary healthcare provider to seek medical advice surrounding their unique circumstances.  They should also complete the University’s COVID-19 reporting form so we can make sure they have the support they need. The appropriate University office (Student Health Center, Human Resources, Student Affairs, etc.) will follow up with them after they complete the form.  More information is available here on the Niner Nation Cares website

Our agency requires the staff to notify their supervisor if they go get tested for COVID-19 and/or the antibodies test. Are we allowed to have students sign a form to agree to ALL COVID-19 protocol and policies set by the CDC, local, the state, and federal government?
This is fine as long as the student is willing to sign the agreement.  UNC Charlotte representatives cannot sign a legal document on behalf of a student. 

Our agency will be interacting with vulnerable and high-risk populations.  Will UNC Charlotte students be allowed to work in clients’ homes and schools when they open, and/or facilities as per state policy?
Yes, the student is permitted to participate in these activities, based on their comfort level. UNC Charlotte expects all experiential education placements to establish safety protocols for their facilities and for students to follow. UNC Charlotte suggests health and safety measures outlined in the UNC Charlotte COVID-19 best practices.

What if a student or agency needs to change the placement parameters (e.g., shift to remote) if circumstances related to the student's risk, living situation, etc. change because the state returns to Phase 1?
Please contact the UNC Charlotte liaison for this internship.  Check with the University Career Center and Hire-A-Niner for alternative experiential learning opportunities.

What if I cannot find a traditional internship because of COVID-19?
Please check with the University Career Center and Hire-A-Niner for experiential learning opportunities.