UNC Charlotte Academic Policy: Immunization Policy Reinstatements

I. Introduction

Unless exempt by law, students entering UNC Charlotte must present a certificate of immunization upon entering the University or within thirty calendar days of the start of their first semester.

II. Policy Statement

By North Carolina state law, General Statute 130A-155.1 requires anyone entering college to present a certificate of immunization that documents their compliance with all required immunizations within thirty (30) calendar days of the start of their first semester at their given institution. Students who are not in compliance as determined by the Student Health Center (SHC) will be withdrawn from all of their classes by the Office of the Registrar at the end of the thirty (30) day period. Students are therefore strongly encouraged to submit their immunization records prior to the start of the semester. The SHC will also monitor students who are not in compliance but have been approved by the SHC for an extension to receive the necessary immunizations as indicated by a physician’s letter. Once the date for the extension expires, and if the student is still not in compliance,the SHC will notify the Office of the Registrar that the student has failed to comply with Immunization Requirements.  The Office of the Registrar will then withdraw the student from their classes.

If a student is able to provide evidence to the SHC documenting compliance before the end of the last class day of the semester, he/she will be reinstated into their classes.  This reinstatement pertains only to student enrollment status and does not in any way guarantee that the academic, financial, and/or other consequences of noncompliance with Immunization Requirements will be remedied.  Such consequences may include, but are not limited to, impact on immigration status, financial aid eligibility, University housing, and 49er ID card accounts.  Additionally, reinstated students might not be eligible to make up class work, assignments, tests, or exams as faculty are not obligated to allow make-up work.  Furthermore, class work, assignments, tests, or exams missed as a result of being withdrawn for noncompliance with Immunization Requirements will not be a valid basis for a grade appeal.

Decisions under this policy cannot be appealed, and students will not be reinstated if they become compliant after the last class day of the semester.

III. Definitions

Exempt -- North Carolina law requires all entering students to submit proof of required immunizations to maintain enrollment at the University. Exemptions include the following:

  • Students registered only for off campus courses.
  • Students only attending classes scheduled at 5:00 PM or later.
  • Students enrolled in only weekend classes.
  • Students taking a course load of four credit hours or less per semester.

If a student lives in on-campus housing none of the exemptions apply. If at any time a student previously exempted changes to on-campus courses, a course load of more than four credit hours in classes scheduled prior to 5 PM, or becomes an on-campus resident, documentation of required immunizations must be submitted at that time.

IV. Policy/Procedure Contact(s)

V. History

  • Revised:  November 8, 2013 [Changed authority from Student Health Center to Office of the Registrar]
  • Revised:  October 17, 2013 [Extends the five class day window to the last day of classes]
  • Revised:  July 25, 2012 [Provides five class day window for possible reinstatement]

VI. Related Policies, Procedures and Resources

VII. Frequently Asked Questions