UNC Charlotte Academic Procedure: Final Examinations

I. Introduction

To meet the minimum standards of instructional time in the academic calendar, classes must meet during the schedule final exam session.  This procedure document provides additional information and is to be used in conjunction with University Policy 202, "Final Examinations."

II. Procedure Statement

To meet the minimum standards of instructional time in the academic calendar, classes must meet during the scheduled final exam session.  The final exam period is counted toward the necessary minimum instructional time required to earn academic credit for the course. 

If the published final examination period is not used for an exam, the class must nevertheless meet for oral presentations, for discussion, lecture, or other appropriate academic function.

If a final examination is not given during the published final exam period, the last examination in a course, whether it is a comprehensive exam or an exam the covers only part of the material, must be administered prior to the last week of classes.

III. Definitions

  • Academic calendar – An official list of dates and deadlines found at the beginning of the Undergraduate Catalog and on the website for the Office of the Registrar.  The academic calendar specifies the dates for semesters and terms, enrollment periods, examination periods, holidays, periods classes are not in session, and commencement.
  • Final exam – The last, and often the most comprehensive, examination of the entire semester's course material.
  • Reading Day – Reading Day is to guarantee that students have one day between scheduled classes and the first final examination day.  Per the Academic Calendar policy, faculty must not require student participation in any course-related activities on Reading Day.

IV. Procedure Contact(s)

V. History

  • Approved: January 28, 2003  [FAPSC urged vigorous communication to the faculty of Policy Statement #16: Final Examinations, as well as that class must meet during the final exam period]

VI. Related Policies, Procedures, and Resources

VII. Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which students are covered under this policy? 
    This policy applies to all undergraduate and graduate students at UNC Charlotte.

  • Are final exams allowed on Reading Day?  
    No required activities, including final exams, are allowed on Reading Day.  See UNC Charlotte Academic Policy: Academic Calendar

  • Do Reading Days count in the 75 class day requirement?  
    No -- Reading Days, unlike final examination days, do not count as “class days” in this policy.

  • May final exams be held in day/time slots other than the published final examination period? 
    A departure from the published schedule may be made only with the consent of every student in the class concerned.  See University Policy 202: Final Examinations