UNC Charlotte Academic Procedure: Degree Name Revision

I. Introduction

Degrees are approved by the Board of Governors, and as such any degree name revisions must be approved by the UNC System Office.  The procedures for revising the name or degree title of an existing degree program are governed by the System Office of the University of North Carolina under Section 400.1.1.1 Regulations for Academic Program Planning and Evaluation.

II. Procedure

Procedures to revise the name (major)/degree title of an existing degree program:

  1. The academic program/department drafts a memo to the Provost, including an explanation of the reason and rationale for the proposed revision
  2. The academic program/department/dean completes the Degree Name Revision form in Curriculog and uploads the request to the Provost
  3. Via Curriculog workflow, the request is routed to:
    1. Academic Dean of the College
    2. Provost
    3. Undergraduate Course and Curriculum Committee (for undergraduate changes) or the Graduate Council (for graduate changes)
    4. Faculty Executive Committee
    5. Faculty Council
    6. Provost
  4. The Provost sends a letter to the UNC System Office requesting permission to revise the name of the degree program
  5. Upon granting of permission by the UNC System Office, notification will be sent via Curriculog
  6. The Office of Assessment and Accreditation provides notification to SACSCOC
  7. Degree name revision is effective the term following approval from the UNC System Office
  8. The department/college makes announcement and changes on campus including changes their website

III. Definitions

  • Department – A unit within a college representing a discipline.  For example, the Department of English is in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. 
  • Provost – Reporting to the Chancellor, the Provost is the chief academic officer who oversees all academic affairs activities, including research and faculty.  The Deans of each College report to the Provost.

IV. Procedure Contact(s)

V. History

  • Established:  November 15, 2011
  • Revised:  February 3, 2016 [Added SACSCOC notification into steps]
  • Revised:  June 22, 2018 [Process modified to use Curriculog]

VI. Related Policies, Procedures and Resources

VII. Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does revising the name of the degree automatically change the name of the department? 
    No.  Revising the name of the department must be requested to the Provost who will undertake consultation with the Faculty under UNC Charlotte Academic Procedure: Department: Establishment, Name Change, or Relocation.
  2. Does this procedure apply to revising the name for certificates? 
    Name revisions to certificates only require notification to the UNC System Office, not approval.  For name changes to certificates, the academic program/department/dean should send the request to the Provost, including an explanation of the reason for the proposed change.  The Provost will then send a letter of notification to the UNC System Office.
  3. When is the name revision effective?
    The degree name revision is effective the term following approval from the UNC System Office.  Any student who graduates in the effective term or later will graduate under the new name.