Spring 2019 Final Exams Update

Thursday, May 2, 2019
Memo to Faculty from Provost Lorden

Dear Colleagues,

Our campus has weathered the saddest day in our short history.  At a time when we were looking forward to the celebrations that mark the end of term, we are instead grieving together about the loss of two students, injury to others, and emotional trauma to many more.  As we bring the semester to a close, we want to ensure that our students can complete their courses as successfully as possible.  We are asking you for flexibility and understanding as we provide options for our students.

All students will have the opportunity to forego an exam and accept their current grade as their final course grade.  

This means that all faculty must update student grades in Canvas or provide guidance to their classes about how to determine their grades. Faculty may not cancel a final graded activity without giving students an option for completing the course.

To accommodate any student who chooses to take the final exam, the following rules apply:

1.   Exams scheduled for next week (May 6-9) will be held as originally scheduled, but are optional for students who wish to forgo an exam and accept their current grade. If a student chooses this option, they do not need to contact you. By not taking the exam, you can assume this indicates they are accepting their current course grade as their final grade.

2.   Exams that were scheduled for May 2-4 will be rescheduled for next week (as optional exams) as follows:

a.  Common exams (list attached) will be rescheduled by the Registrar.  Details about time and location are forthcoming.  Some exams may be held at additional time slots of 8:00-10:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday (May 6-9) or the morning of Friday, May 10.

b.  For all other exams originally scheduled for May 2-4, we ask that faculty make alternative arrangements:

i.  Please consider an exam posted to Canvas or other at-home assignment.
ii.  If a room is required, contact your department chair. Availability is limited.

3.   Students may be allowed to request an Incomplete grade at faculty‚Äôs discretion.

The deadline for final grades has been moved to noon, Tuesday May 14.  

Please be willing to make accommodations to those students who have unforeseen conflicts due to these last-minute changes.

For faculty whose classes were directly affected yesterday evening, please be as flexible as possible in allowing students to complete any unfinished work. At this time, our students are in need of our empathy and understanding. I am grateful for your patience and cooperation, as we reschedule the semester's end. We have tried to cover most of the questions that we think will arise but know that there are more that we have not imagined.  We rely on the generosity and good sense of our faculty in these troubled times.


Joan F. Lorden
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs