Planning for Fall 2020 Reopening

Academic department leaders are asked to review the following information as the University plans for a Fall 2020 reopening.  Decisions will be based on these guiding principles: to preserve the college experience, to protect the health of our students and faculty, to ensure a successful learning environment, and to minimize the reduction in overall student credit hours.  To ensure recommended physical distancing in classrooms and to accommodate students unable to meet in group settings, there may be changes to how some courses are delivered. We anticipate most students’ schedules will have a combination of hybrid, face-to-face courses and online courses. 

  Face-to-face instruction

  • We will continue to offer face-to-face classroom instruction for many courses this fall. Banner will list these classes as "TR". Many also will have a hybrid approach where students will split time between being in class and engaging with course materials remotely. Banner will list these classes as “HY”. 

Online instruction

  • Students will also have the option to choose from a selection of thoughtfully designed fully online/remote courses. Banner will list these courses either as “IA” for asynchronous with no specific meeting time or “IS” for synchronous with a specific meeting time.

Preparing for Fall 2020 (PowerPoint)

Faculty Training and Technology Upgrades


Resource Request Form (to be completed by Dean/Associate Dean)

Suggested Syllabus Policies and Notices (i.e., face coverings and course delivery)

 Provost letters to Incoming Students and Returning Students

Student Guide: Course Instruction Methods for Fall 2020

Student Absences (Faculty President Memo)

The Center for Teaching and Learning has many resources for instructional continuity and training to deliver online and hybrid courses.   

Campus-wide information related to the return to campus: