Provost's Faculty Fellow Program

Each year, a member of the senior faculty of the University is invited to serve as a part-time member of the staff of the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.  His/her responsibilities encompass the full range of activities of that office, and he/she meets such duties as are asked by the Provost or the Chancellor.

Purposes of the Program

  • To extend and strengthen staff resources available for the academic administration of the University;
  • To provide an internship in academic administration for interested members of the faculty;
  • To increase the understanding within the faculty of the practices and procedures of academic administration at UNC Charlotte;
  • To provide ongoing faculty involvement and input into Academic Affairs decision-making; and
  • To assist in the development of specific projects and/or University operations.

Qualifications for Appointment

Any tenured member of the faculty appointed to the rank of Associate Professor or Professor may be considered to serve as a Provost's Faculty Fellow.

Conditions of the Appointment

Appointees serve for a twelve-month period to be negotiated. Appointees holding nine-month appointments are paid their regular academic year salary augmented by summer pay equivalent to one- or two-ninths of that academic-year salary depending on part-time or full-time summer duties. (Arrangements satisfactory to the individual and to the Provost will be made to permit Faculty Fellows to be away from the University for the equivalent of one month during the year of appointment.) Appointees holding twelve-month appointments are paid their regular salary and receive their usual vacation leave.

Provost Faculty Fellows maintain strong programs of faculty activities during their period of appointment. Consequently, each teaches one or two courses per semester during the academic year and provides sufficient additional professional and service contributions to their department and college to constitute at least half of their effort for the University. Funds are provided from central resources to provide instructors for courses that otherwise would have been taught by a Faculty Fellow, while other duties are covered from departmental and college sources.


Provost's Faculty Fellows participate in the full range of activities of the Office of Academic Affairs (including attending AA Council meetings).  The Provost may assign projects in University administration that match the experience and talents of the Faculty Fellow or the Faculty Fellow may propose a specific project.

Current Openings

There are no current openings.  For questions, contact Shannon Homesley in the Office of Academic Affairs.