2017-2018 Catalogs Now Available

Date Published: 
June 12, 2017

The​ 2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs are now available online at http://catalog.uncc.edu.  

This is now the third academic year that the catalogs were produced using the Acalog software system.  The database is integrated with Banner, our student information system, and also with Curriculog, Acalog’s sister course and curriculum management software.  This integration allows for one central database for all course and curriculum information.

Acalog provides a database-driven catalog, meaning that the content of each page is dynamically created for every user upon each visit.  This design offers an additional advantage.  Over the past several months, Information Technology Services (ITS) has been working with colleges and academic departments to roll out the Acalog application program interface (API).  This feature allows for colleges, departments, and interdisciplinary programs to automatically list on their own websites the most up-to-date course and/or program information directly from the most current catalog(s).  The data is extracted from Acalog and presented on college/department/program webpages.  Best of all, every year when a new catalog is published, the information on these external websites will update automatically and point to the newest, most current catalog content.  This will continue to roll out to college/department/program webpages over the summer.

For the second year, changes to programs and courses (including new programs and courses) must go through Curriculog.  Faculty and staff may make edits to their department’s programs or courses by logging in using their NinerNet credentials at https://uncc.curriculog.com

The Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs are each published once per year.  Curriculog proposals currently in progress and any new proposals will appear in the 2018-2019 catalogs.  
Please note that a short moratorium on starting new proposals is currently in effect as we transition from one catalog year to another.  This has no effect on proposals already started.  Users may continue to use Curriculog, but will not be able to start new proposals during the moratorium, which is scheduled to be lifted during the last week of June.
We hope you enjoy the features that the catalogs have to offer, and we will continue to make improvements going forward based on feedback.  You may send your comments and suggestions to academicaffairs@uncc.edu.