General Administration FY18 Grant Funding RFPs

Date Published: 
March 13, 2017

UNC GA has announced the FY18 funding cycle for two grant programs:

  • The UNC Inter-institutional Planning Grant (IPG) Program is a new initiative designed to promote collaboration among UNC institutions (particularly between larger and smaller institutions) and across disciplinary boundaries. The intention of this award program is to incentivize stronger collaborative relationships within the UNC system to increase the system’s competitiveness in attracting external funds. This is a one-time award to initiate a collaborative team effort, with the expectation that the team will use the funding period to position itself to obtain external funding in support of future activities related to the project.
  • The UNC Research Opportunities Initiative (ROI) provides targeted funding for innovative and potentially game-changing research projects. Funded by a recurring annual appropriation from the North Carolina General Assembly, the ROI represents a significant financial investment in the UNC system’s strategic goals. UNC ROI awards are designed to build capacity in research areas that are strategically important to North Carolina. The intent of this funding is not to establish a research program de novo; rather it is to provide the needed boost to propel a team to national or international prominence.

Please note that the priority areas for the IPG Program are significantly broader than the UNC ROI priority areas. Pre-proposals for both grant programs are due on April 19, 2017, and the attached RFPs contain more details on how to apply. 

An informational teleconference will be held on Wednesday, March 15th at 9:30 am (see call-in information in the attached RFPs). Any additional questions regarding these announcements may be directed to Erin Hopper (