Mid-Semester Report of Unsatisfactory Progress and Courses with All Satisfactory Grades

Date Published: 
February 13, 2017

Web grading capability is available for faculty to assign Unsatisfactory Progress grades for all students.  If, for any reason, you are unable to access your class list to assign unsatisfactory grades, please contact Elise Mickey in the Registrar’s Office at ext. 7-5485.  Please note that this process is only intended to solicit unsatisfactory progress, not a grade for all students. Faculty are also asked to report if all grades are satisfactory in the course in addition to submitting unsatisfactory grades.

  • Online entry of Unsatisfactory Grades – Enter your Unsatisfactory grades using My UNC Charlotte. The web will be open for grading through noon on March 3.  

If you have a student who has stopped attending or never attended class, award that student an unsatisfactory grade (“F” for undergraduate level and “U” for graduate level) as well.  This informs the student that he/she is currently enrolled in the class and runs the risk of an unsatisfactory final grade provided proper procedures are not followed.  

Report only students with unsatisfactory progress by using the following notations:

  • Undergraduate students: record only “D” or “F” grades

  • Graduate students: record only “C” or “U” grades

Complete the process no later than Friday, March 3, at noon.  

Refer to the midterm grading instructions at  http://registrar.uncc.edu/faculty-and-staff/unsatisfactory-grading-midterm-instructions.