Important Bookstore News

Date Published: 
February 9, 2017

As our faculty's strategic partner, the Campus Bookstore is committed to listening to and learning about the needs of the faculty — and then acting on those insights to drive successful outcomes for students and the campus.  The Barnes & Noble team will be reaching out via email to all department chairs and deans to speak with them about new resource, services, and how the bookstore can better serve each department.   They will also be visiting faculty members over the next few months to discuss how they can position everyone for success.  To schedule a time to meet with the bookstore team, please email Cheri Griffith-Kline, Store Manager, at

Courseware Solution Software

When it comes to course materials, research shows that time and time again, affordability remains a critical issue for students and faculty.  Often, students don’t have the materials they need when classes begin, which can greatly impact their learning outcomes. In addition, course materials —along with student needs and preferences — are changing and evolving at a rapid pace.   Courseware Solution is designed to address these challenges, giving faculty access to the most affordable, customizable, and easy-to-adopt course materials available; to help set students up for success.

The Courseware platform from Barnes & Noble Education is a complete, turnkey solution that combines high-quality OER — such as OpenStax — with student and instructor support.  It includes online practice, individual and group assignments, lecture slides, quizzes and test banks, and can easily be personalized and adapted for face-to-face, blended and online teaching environments.

Contact the Campus Bookstore today to learn how our Courseware platform can increase affordability, provide a more personalized learning experience and drive academic success on campus. To get started, visit and sign up for a demo.

Textbook Price Matching Program

The bookstore's textbook price matching program is saving students $1,498,731.  They price match with local competitors,, and for in-stock books.  For more information, contact Andrew Crutchfield, Textbook Manager, via email at or by phone at 704-687-7075.

Textbook Purchases and Returns

  • Spring 2017 textbook returns will begin the week of February 12, 2017.  Please inform students that they need to purchase their textbooks prior to this date, if they have not already done so.  If a textbook needs to be held longer, please let the bookstore know by February 10, 2017, by emailing or calling 704-687-7072.

Textbook Requests

  • Summer I, Summer II, and Fall 2017 adoptions are due on March 17, 2017.
  • Include all course materials in adoption requests.  This includes, but is not limited to: Textbooks, Coursepacks, Clickers, Access codes, Art Kits, rulers, etc.
  • The bookstore offers a number of services, including assistance with textbook requests.  They can help faculty with everything from searching for the right textbook to submitting a request.  Their goal is to make the process as quick and simple as possible.

What are the options?
In addition to printed textbooks, faculty can request bundled textbooks, custom textbooks, coursepacks, or even digital textbooks.  Before deciding, talk to the Campus Bookstore, as some options may raise costs unnecessarily for students.  They’ll help select the right mix of materials for instructional needs.

As a reminder, faculty can research course information and their history of adoptions through Faculty Enlight at for the Main Campus and for the Center City Campus.  Faculty can also research what other faculty members are using across the country.

How to submit:
For submitting orders to the Main Campus:

For submitting orders to Center City Campus:

When to submit:

  • For Summer I, Summer II, and Fall 2017 terms, requests are due March 17, 2017

Early requests allow the bookstore to:

  • Research the book’s publisher, ISBN, and availability
  • Determine if the book is out-of-stock, out-of-print, or if there’s a new edition
  • Locate and purchase used copies on campus and around the country, and/or order new books from the publisher (which may take weeks)
  • Save students money!  If they know in advance that a textbook is being reused next term, they pay students who sell that book back to them 50% of their purchase price. The more books they can buy back, the more they can sell next term at a 25% discount.
  • Determine if the book is rentable to save students more money.  Last year, students saved $1,498,731. 


If faculty have any questions about what the bookstore can do for them, please feel free to contact Cheri Griffith-Kline, Store Manager, at 704-687-7077.