Elizabeth Moll joins Academic Budget and Personnel

Date Published: 
February 9, 2017

Elizabeth Moll joins the staff of Academic Budget and Personnel as a business officer.  Elizabeth’s first day with AABP will be Monday, February 20, just in time to have an opportunity for on-boarding with Ellen Keidel who is retiring March 1.

Elizabeth has created meaningful and sustainable impact in a relatively short period of time as the business officer within Atkins Library. She is excited to be able to continue to serve the division and campus in the unique job she is about to assume.

Admittedly, the timing of changes in critical staff rarely seems to be ‘good’ and this growth opportunity for Elizabeth was unplanned and unexpected.  Therefore, the AABP office will be sharing her time and effort during the Library’s upcoming business officer search and on-boarding period.

In a future communication, the college and service unit leadership, and their business officers, will receive a chart of all AABP team member names, their roles, and the primary and secondary functions and tasks they support.  Business officers will be asked to further distribute it internally.  This outline will also be added to our AABP website should individuals need to know who to reach first for questions and information needs.

More about Elizabeth’s Background

Elizabeth has worked at UNC Charlotte since April 2012.  She first served as executive assistant to the Dean of the Belk College of Business (BCOB) managing three budget areas totaling $1.8 million and holding several staff leadership roles. Elizabeth was promoted to the role of Executive Education Manager (BCOB) as its first business operations staff member and earned valuable programmatic experience.  In this role, she served as program liaison to the Executive Education Strategy Team and interfaced with a range of business and industry Executive Educators, community business contacts, faculty, and campus business administration offices.  Elizabeth has most recently served as the business officer for Atkins Library supervising a 3-person staff.  In this role, she has led the development of a host of streamlined processes, some of which involved e-workflow approval and review systems.  These improvements have resulted in a combination of time-saving efficiencies for users and budget-related checks and balances.

Prior to working at UNC Charlotte, Elizabeth worked in the local non-profit sector.  She served as the Branch Administrator for the Childress Klein YMCA, as the Finance Coordinator for Center City YMCAs, as the Operations Assistant for the Dowd YMCA, and as the Company Manager for the Charlotte Repertory Theatre.  Elizabeth holds a B.A. in Theatre with a minor in Psychology from Truman State University, Kirksville, MO, and is earning a Master’s in Education degree in the area of Training & Development, NC State University, Raleigh, NC.