Bonnie E. Cone Early-Career Professorship in Teaching

The Bonnie E. Cone Early-Career Professorship in Teaching was established in 2006 and is annually awarded to a member of the faculty who has been awarded tenure within the last three years.  The appointment is for a three-year term, and the announcement is made to the campus community at the annual University Convocation.


The benefits and perquisites of the appointment will include the inscription of the Professor’s name on a permanent plaque, a position of honor at the first Commencement of the Professor’s term, and the award of University resources above that normally given to faculty.  

Nomination Process

  • A letter from the Department Chair or Dean that documents how the faculty member has demonstrated a commitment to teaching at the beginning of an academic career.  Specific examples that should be included in the nomination letter:  innovative teaching techniques, curriculum contributions, assessment of student learning, and effective advising and mentoring.
  • An updated copy of the faculty member’s Teaching Philosophy.
  • Current curriculum vitae.

Nominations are due March 24, 2018, and may be sent via email to or via campus mail to the Office of the Provost.


  • 2017-2020:  Dr. Jennifer Webb, Psychological Science*
  • 2016-2019:  Dr. Peter Tkacik, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science*
  • 2015-2018:  Dr. Margaret Quinlan, Communication Studies*
  • 2014-2017:  Dr. Fumie Kato, Languages and Culture Studies
  • 2013-2016:  Dr. Kent Brintnall, Religious Studies
  • 2012-2015:  Dr. Larissa Brunner Huber, Public Health Sciences
  • 2011-2014:  Dr. Bruce Taylor, Reading and Elementary Education
  • 2010-2013:  Dr. Lyndon Abrams, Counseling
  • 2009-2012:  Dr. Anabel Aliaga-Buchenau, Languages and Culture Studies
  • 2008-2011:  Dr. Ryan Kilmer, Psychology
  • 2007-2010:  Dr. Matthew Davies, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science
  • 2006-2009:  Dr. Alan Freitag, Communication Studies

* Indicates current recipient