A. Review of Teaching

Teaching is the primary responsibility of The University of North Carolina and each of its constituent institutions. To ensure that this responsibility is understood and appropriately considered in faculty personnel decisions, the Board of Governors (Administrative Memorandum #338) mandates each constituent institution to have policies and procedures that require:

  1. Clear and specific statements of criteria for evaluation of faculty performance at every level (institution, college, department) that are provided in writing and discussed with each probationary faculty member before initial employment and at the beginning of the first term of employment and with each candidate being reviewed for reappointment or tenure at the beginning of the year in which the review is scheduled to be made;
  2. A record of these discussions to be kept in the individual’s personnel file; and
  3. Review procedures for the evaluation of faculty performance to ensure that:
  1. Student evaluations and formal methods of peer review are included in teaching evaluation procedures;
  2. Student evaluations are conducted at regular intervals (at least one semester each year) and on an ongoing basis;
  3. Peer review of faculty includes direct observation of the classroom teaching of new and non-tenured faculty and of graduate teaching assistants; and
  4. Appropriate and timely feedback from evaluations of performance is provided to those persons being reviewed.

To support its mission to provide informed and effective teaching, UNC Charlotte regularly evaluates the teaching of all members of the faculty. Faculty members use the results of these ongoing evaluations to improve their courses and instruction. The results of the evaluations conducted during the year are considered during the annual review, and the evaluations conducted since a faculty member’s last comprehensive review are considered during the next comprehensive review, e.g., a review for reappointment, promotion, and/or conferral of permanent tenure.

Student Evaluations of Teaching

It is expected that students will be provided an opportunity to evaluate their courses and instructors at the end of each term. Although departments and colleges may require more frequent evaluation, the Office of the Provost expects each faculty member to be evaluated at least once per year in each of the different courses (not sections) that he or she has taught.

Peer Review of Teaching

Each department and college has established policies and procedures for the peer review of teaching in their unit. The procedures must satisfy the requirements of Administrative Memorandum #338 for peer review of the teaching of new and non-tenured faculty and graduate teaching assistants. Departments and colleges are strongly encouraged to provide for peer review of teaching for all members of the faculty.

Teaching Portfolio

A teaching portfolio, including samples of course and instructional materials, teaching evaluations and self-assessments, results of experiments with new instructional technologies, and other materials about successes, failures, and efforts to improve teaching, can be an invaluable tool for faculty development and a useful component of other review processes. The department and/or college may provide guidance for the development of the teaching portfolio and its use.