A. Report of Recruitment Results

Invitations to candidates for on-campus interviews must be authorized in advance by the Dean. Preparation of the request for authorization to interview should include consultation with appropriate offices to determine possible dates available for interview. The offices to be contacted will depend on the type of position to be interviewed.

All candidates are interviewed by the Department Chair and Dean. The Provost and Chancellor interview all candidates for distinguished professorships (unless schedule conflicts would disrupt the interview process) and for appointment as department chairs. The Dean of the Graduate School interviews all candidates for distinguished professorships and, on the recommendation of the Dean of the recruiting unit, other senior candidates expected to have a major impact on graduate programs. The Provost and the Dean of the Graduate School may be requested to interview candidates for other faculty appointments at the request of a Dean.

A Report of Recruitment Results and Request to Interview (Form AA-04), credentials, and justification for each candidate to be interviewed must be processed far enough in advance of proposed interview dates to allow for careful review by the Dean. Justifications for interviews are expected to address the following: (1) relevant prior experience, (2) academic preparation and specialization, (3) qualifications specifically relevant to the position, and (4) other qualifications and experience relevant to educational diversity and other goals and programmatic needs of the department, college, and university. Note: While unofficial copies of transcripts may be sufficient for interviewing, an official transcript, mailed directly to the University, showing the highest degree earned by the candidate recommended for appointment must be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs as part of the official personnel file within 30 days of the recommendation for appointment. The official transcript must be mailed directly to the University. (SACS requires the transcript to be kept on file and it is used to meet State requirements for reporting and verification of credentials.)  When obtaining offical electronic transcripts Academic Affairs will need the Transcript Link and password emails. These may be sent in 2 separate emails. There may be a limited number of times this document can be accessed. An official electronic transcript should be transmitted directly from the issuing institution to the hiring department. Please have the Department Chair forward those emails to the College Business Manager, who will forward the emails to Academic Affairs.

If a candidate to be interviewed is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, the Director of the International Student/Scholar Office is consulted to review the candidate's current visa status and to assist the recruiting unit with the procedures for hiring foreign faculty/staff members. A completed Foreign National Information Form and an IRS Form 8233 signed by the candidate must accompany the Request to Interview.