When the short list of top candidates for a position has been compiled and the candidates to be invited to campus for interview are selected, the recruiting department compiles a report of recruitment results and requests authorization to interview. This is accomplished by completing and processing a Report of Recruitment Results and Request to Interview (Form AA-04). The recruiting unit completes section 1 of the form and forwards a copy electronically, ( to the Affirmative Action Office in the Department of Human Resources thereby requesting completion of sections 1, 2, and 3. The Affirmative Action Office completes theses sections and returns it to the recruiting department. Once the recruiting department has completed section 4 and obtained the Chair's signature, the completed form, including the sections completed by the Affirmative Action Office is forwarded to the Dean for approval.

Special procedures are involved when candidates for interview are non-resident aliens (See Section IV.A. Faculty Interview Process)