I. Employee Benefit Information for Full-Time Faculty

A summary of Employee Benefit Information for Full-Time Faculty and another of Employee Benefit Information for Permanent Full-Time Staff Members are updated by the Benefits Office. Detailed information is available upon request from the Benefits Office (King 225) and each new employee receives a packet of information about employee benefit programs and options. The packet may be obtained from the Benefits Office anytime after an offer of employment is accepted.

Eligibility for Optional Retirement Program (ORP). The following employees are eligible for participation in optional retirement programs approved by the State: Lecturers and other Full-Time Special Faculty, Instructors, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors.

Effective Date for Health Insurance. The effective date for the health insurance benefit provided for eligible employees is the first of the month following employment. For example, faculty members employed on August 16 would have an effective date of September 1 provided proper application has been made. Contact the Benefits Office for additional information.