H. Withdrawn, Suspended, or Continued Searches

In some instances recruitment efforts do not produce an appropriate pool of applicants for a position or for some other reason it becomes necessary to withdraw or suspend a search or to continue it into a new recruitment period. When this happens, the department chair submits a written request to withdraw, suspend, or continue the search to the Dean for approval. This request specifies the position number, rank/title, and specialty/discipline for the position and the reason(s) for withdrawing, suspending, or continuing the search. The dean is responsible for incorporating the result of the approved request in the Summary of Recruitment and use of College Positions that is forwarded to the Provost periodically. The Dean/Department Chair is responsible for informing the University Affirmative Action Officer about changes in the status of searches.

Upon the Dean's approval to suspend the search, recruitment for the position ceases until the Dean re-authorizes recruitment and a new recruitment plan is approved.