G. Scope of Search

Ordinarily, the competitive search conducted to identify applicants for full-time faculty positions will be national in scope. However, the administrator conducting the search may determine that the University interests are adequately protected by a search conducted on a more restricted search of smaller scope--regional, local or campus--or from a pool of applicants generated by a previous search. A justification must be included in the Faculty Recruitment Plan (AA-02) if the scope of the search is less than a national search.

Temporary Waivers of Competitive Search Requirements

Competitive search requirements may be waived on a temporary basis to meet special circumstances. The following list of such circumstances is intended to be illustrative, not exhaustive:

  • There is insufficient time to conduct a normal competitive search and the administrator can identify a pool of one or more qualified candidates from existing pools or through local or regional networks and advertising.
  • The administrator wishes to make an interim academic appointment for a period of one academic year or less while a competitive search is conducted.
  • The administrator wishes to appoint a faculty member of significant professional distinction to a visiting faculty position.
  • The administrator wishes to appoint an individual to fill a temporary vacancy created by a leave of absence.

To obtain a temporary waiver of normal competitive search requirements, the Department Chair should submit a signed Request for Waiver of Search Requirements Form (AA-03) to the Dean of the appropriate college for approval. The temporary waiver request should ordinarily be submitted before the Recommendation for Initial Appointment, but the Dean may allow the temporary waiver request for an appointment of one academic year or less to be submitted concurrently with the Recommendation for Initial Appointment.

The Dean is authorized to approve temporary waivers of search requirements for an appointment of one academic year or less.

Request for Permanent Waiver of Search Requirements

The following is a list of special circumstances where a search may be waived permanently. This list is intended to be illustrative, not exhaustive:

  • The administrator wishes to appoint an individual deemed essential to an organized research program.
  • The individual is uniquely qualified to fill this position by virtue of their experience and expertise in the field.
  • The administrator wishes to appoint an individual in response to an unusual opportunity to enhance the educational diversity of the faculty or otherwise to enrich the educational environment of the University.

In order to attract a very qualified candidate, it is sometimes necessary to also offer a faculty position to the candidate's spouse. Upon approval of the credentials of the spouse by the department and college, these appointments will be considered.

In all cases where a search is permanently waived, a Waiver of Search Requirements Form (AA-03), with a justification that explains the legitimate nondiscriminatory reasons for such a waiver, must be pre-approved by the Provost. This includes positions where a temporary waiver was done for the first year of appointment and the individual is to be reappointed without a search for a second year or subsequent term.

Upon the Provost's approval of this form, a copy of the AA-03 will be sent to the University Affirmative Action Officer.