F. Affirmative Action Data Request

The University Affirmative Action Officer monitors the recruitment of applicants for faculty and EPA staff positions in order to evaluate the effectiveness of affirmative action efforts. This evaluation requires the collection of demographic data on the applicants for their positions. The means for gathering this information is automatically obtained by the EPA Faculty Profile.

Upon approval of the Recruitment Plan for a position, the recruiting unit advertises the position and solicits applications/nominations. An email acknowledgement thanking the candidate for applying at UNC Charlotte will be generated with a successfully submitted EPA Faculty Profile, provided the candidate included their email address.

The Affirmative Action Office compiles information from the EPA Faculty Profile to describe the applicant pool for each position being recruited. A summary of the information is appended as page 2 of the Report of Recruitment Results and Request to Interview (Form AA-04). In addition, the Affirmative Action Office provides information about the gender and ethnicity of the "Top Applicants" listed on page 1 of Form AA-04 if the applicants have disclosed this information. This information is returned to the recruiting department for use in assessing the effectiveness of the recruitment effort to reach members of protected groups.

Recruitment efforts that do not attract applications from appropriate numbers of individuals in underutilized categories are reviewed by the appropriate department chairperson and dean to determine if, and how, current recruitment efforts might be made more effective. Furthermore, a search that fails to create a diverse pool of candidates may fail to gain appropriate higher-level approvals.

For additional information regarding the collection of affirmative action data, contact the Affirmative Action Office (x72804).