E. Appointment of Special Faculty

Appointments of special faculty members are made in accordance with Section 3.4 of the Tenure Document. In addition, Section 3.5 applies to dual appointments and joint appointments.

The Deans have complete administrative authority to make special faculty appointments.

Recommendations for Initial Appointment

The recommendations for these appointments are prepared by the department chair and submitted to the dean on a Recommendation for Initial Appointment: Special Faculty (Form AA-06) with attachments: vitae, letters of recommendation, PD-7, and other pertinent documentation.

Offers of Appointment/Appointment Agreements

The Dean is responsible for issuing offers of appointment to candidates and executing an Appointment Agreement including rank/title/salary, term of appointment, and other terms and conditions of appointment (if any).

Accepted Appointments

When an offer of appointment is accepted and the appointment agreement is signed, the Dean is responsible for certifying that the appointment file is complete, forwarding the completed file to the Office of Academic Affairs, and providing a written record of the verification of the appointee’s credentials. The completed file includes:

  1.  Recruitment plan (with attachments)
  2. Authorization to interview candidates and report of recruitment results (with attachments)
  3. Recommendation for initial appointment (with attachments)
  4. Waiver of search requirement (if any)
  5. Offer of appointment and appointment agreement
  6. Vitae
  7. Original criminal background check disclosure form
  8. The written record of the verification of credentials (Form AA-34) is added to the file with the original transcript. If the highest earned degree is issued from a foreign institution, a foreign degree evaluation is required to ensure equivalency to US academic credentials.

Official transcript must be mailed directly to the University.  When obtaining offical electronic transcripts Academic Affairs will need the Transcript Link and password emails. These may be sent in 2 separate emails. There may be a limited number of times this document can be accessed. An official electronic transcript should be transmitted directly from the issuing institution to the hiring department. Please have the Department Chair forward those emails to the College Business Manager, who will forward the emails to Academic Affairs.