B. Recruitment Plan

A Recruitment Plan (Form AA-02) is prepared by the recruiting department for each position authorized to be recruited. The plan includes:

Position Information to describe the position by number, salary allocated to the position, 9-month or 12-month term of appointment, rank/title and specialty/discipline to be recruited, and present or former incumbent (if applicable).

Recruitment Information to indicate when and by whom recruitment was authorized; the salary range authorized for the recruitment; and when initial advertisements will appear, review of applications will begin, and the appointment is anticipated to be made.

Affirmative Action Labor Market Availability Data for historically under-represented groups as published in the most recent affirmative action plan. Refer to Human Resources-Affirmative Action Office.

An Advertising Plan to indicate where advertisements will be placed, when they will appear and the estimated cost. It describes special efforts that will be employed to diversify faculty.

Attachments to be included are copies of ready-to-mail advertisements and samples of flyers, vacancy notices, letters to implement the advertising plan, and a checklist of observable / quantifiable characteristics used in review of applicants.

The completed Recruitment Plan (AA-02) , signed by the Department Chair, is submitted to the Dean for approval. Upon approval, the Dean's Office forwards an information copy including a copy of the advertisement, to the University's Affirmative Action Officer, who will compile for the recruiting unit the information that applicants provide on the EPA Faculty Profile. The original is forwarded to the office of Academic Affairs as part of the appointment file when an offer of appointment to the position has been accepted.