B. Existing Faculty Positions

Special College Program Positions are those set aside by the deans to support special college programs, such as college-based reassignment of duties programs and visiting lecturers and scholars.

Existing faculty positions that are vacant (and the salary dollars attached to them) are assigned to "allocation pools" managed by the Provost and each of the Deans.

The Provost's Pool

The Provost's Pool consists of:

  • All new 1310 positions funded by the enrollment increase formula.
  • Positions identified to support the Campus Programs budget and other campus-wide initiatives.
  • A prudent permanent reserve to be allocated on an annual basis (to support unpredicted needs of the colleges, to augment support for faculty through Campus Programs, or to implement on a one-time basis the financial flexibility provisions to meet critical needs within the division for equipment, renovations, and operating expenses).
The Dean's Pool

The Dean's Pool for each college consists of:

  • New 1310 positions allocated to the college to support tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty, graduate assistants, or special college programs. At the Dean's discretion, these positions may be filled immediately upon allocation or held vacant for one year while recruitments are initiated. "Graduate assistant" positions are expected to be filled within one year or less.
  • Resources in positions held vacant during recruitment are available to employ part-time faculty members and graduate assistants; pay the costs of recruitment (e.g., advertising and reimbursement of candidate travel expenses); provide summer compensation packages for new faculty; provide new faculty start-up equipment and lab renovations; purchase faculty office equipment and furnishings; match grants; fund faculty development projects; and purchase, maintain, and replace teaching and research equipment.
  • Resources in "graduate assistant" positions and core "part-time" positions are expected to be used for this purpose only. In exceptional situations, part-time core instruction resources may be used to augment graduate assistant resources. Salary resources may be moved among tenure-track positions but it must be understood that position upgrades by Academic Affairs are not automatic.
  • Previously-allocated tenure-track positions that are currently vacant.
  • Previously-allocated tenure-track positions vacated on a temporary basis due to extramurally-funded research or fellowships, reassignment of duties (including administrative assignments), and leaves without pay.
  • Positions vacated by retirement, death, or resignation of a faculty member.